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This is a very intense time to be a parent. I imagine this is even truer for very new mothers. They’ve gone through the experience of giving birth during a pandemic and many will not be having the maternity leave they expected.

Baby classes, support groups and meeting up with friends for cake can normally be so important for feeling like you are coping – and now these opportunities do not exist, in real life. On the other hand, many who were expecting to a struggling all day at home now have their partners unexpectedly at home with them for the foreseeable and as a consequence have a little more support and time for themselves.

Here are the online resources I would recommend for new mothers during these challenging times. Most are also relevant for more seasoned mums too…


  • Motherkind by Zoe Blaskey is a podcast in an interview format based on an ethos of self-compassion. It focusses on how “becoming a happier, more alive version of yourself is the most inspiring thing you can do for your children”. I always feel like a wiser, calmer, more empowered parent after listening to her podcast.


  • Health Post Natal BodyEdinburgh-based personal trainer Peter Lap offers an affordable and accessible exercise programme for post-partum women. Peter sends the exercises by email and also shared videos on YouTube. It normally costs about $/£10 a month but Peter is offering a free three-month trial at the moment.

Meditation apps

  • HeadspaceThis meditation app includes packs of meditations with a parenting theme as well as ones you can do with children under 5. Many companies now offer free subscriptions to their staff so if you are working it’s worth checking with your HR department (if you have one!) whether they could think about doing this. They are also currently offering a free year’s subscription to unemployed people (in the US).

Creating new networks

  • For me one of the major changes during COVID-19 is how our neighbourhood has come together and are helping each other out. We are picking up shopping for each other, baking bread/cakes, sharing local developments and giving away things we don’t need. Of course – this is all done via platforms like Telegram.

Please comment below if there are other resources you’d recommend, particularly for new mothers.

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