Side Hustle Round Up: Updated Nov 2021

If you are looking for new ways to make some easy extra money, read on…

This list of side hustle opportunities is constantly updated as I discover new ways to earn some extra money. It includes affiliate links, but I only include opportunities that I have personally tested.

Sign up/cashback bonuses

  • £7 EverUp sign up (Ends 14 November) (referral link) – Sign up to EverUp and create a free cash account and you will receive £7 on the 7th of December. You don’t need to deposit any cash in the account and as a bonus you will get free entries into games/draws to win more money. If prompted please enter the referral code RANN3171419XBBSD.
  • £40 Coinbase sign up – If you sign up to Coinbase through Top Cashback (affiliate link) and make one trade you will get £40 of cash back into your Top Cashback account. There is no minimum value for the trade but with the trading fee it will probably cost you about £1.50. As a bonus, once you have a Coinbase account you can earn cryptocurrency by taking short courses within the system.
  • £5 Ziglu (referral link) sign up – Earn £5 if you sign up to Ziglu and deposit £1 and covert it to Bitcoin. The bonus can be converted back into £ and withdrawn, or kept. I kept mine, put it in a Bitcoin Boost account and it has grown to over £8.
  • Airtime Rewards is one of the nicer cash back apps as it automatically tracks your cash back once you link your debit/credit cards, without you needing to go through a cash back site. If you sign up here and enter my code QP4UTFBB we’ll both get 50p. The site covers some popular high street retailers such as Boots, and the cash back can be used towards paying your phone bill.
  • Earn a free share up to £200 on Freetrade (referral link). Even if you are not interested in investing through this platform, it’s worth (I think) signing up for the chance to win a free share and to make your own referrals. You need to sign up and fund your account with £1 to be credited with the share.
  • Get £20 when you deposit £25 on Clim8 Invest. This ends on 30 November 2021 and you can withdraw your deposit and the £20 on 12 December 2021.
  • Earn a free share up to £100 on Trading212 (referral link). Similar to the Freetrade offer, if you sign up to Trading212 and deposit a minimum of £1 you will get a free share (as would I).
  • Get a £30 sign up bonus on Chip (until the end of November) – If you sign up to Chip and deposit £1 into the Allica Bank easy access account before 31/11/21 then you will get a £30 bonus after the end of the year. A few things to be careful of:
    • Make sure that you enter the code GROW2021 once you have signed up. Go to Profile>Earn and track rewards. This part of the app is cool as it will show you which steps you have met to get the bonus
    • When you are signed up you will automatically be put onto a free trial of the premium plan. To downgrade to the free version, go to Profile>Your Plan and choose ChipLite. You can do this as soon as you sign up
    • Keep your £1 depost in the account until you get your bonus
    • Make sure it’s the Allica Bank account that you deposit into

Survey sites

  • Influence/VoxPopMe (referral link) is one of the best paying survey sites when you look at the hourly wage. You are paid to make short videos – at least 15 seconds long – answering questions. If you sign up via my link we both get £1 in our “wallet” on the app. You can cash out at £10 and be paid into PayPal.
  • Prolific – Many universities use Prolific to run their studies so they are actually interesting to do and the payout threshold is low (£5 via PayPal). You need to be quick off the mark when a new survey becomes available. If you download this Chrome extension you’ll get notified automatically.

Sell Your Clutter

  • Sell books on Ziffit – I am a big fan of Ziffit since discovering them a few months ago. You scan the barcode on your book to see if they will accept it and what price you will get, and posting the books to them is free. Depending on the value they will either collect directly from you or you can take them to your collect Collect+ store. I have struggled to get rid of books in the past but I know that these end up being sold by World of Books (another favourite). Works for CDs, DVDs and games too.
  • Sell unwanted clothes on Thrift+ (referral link) – This site specialises in higher end high street or designer clothes. To sell your preloved clothes to them just request a fee mailing bag in the post and then choose whether you would like your earnings to go fully to charity or whether you’d like to receive some of the value in vouchers. So this is a good option if you are ok with potentially earning less than if you sold the items yourself on eBay or similar. If you would also like to buy clothes through Thrift+ then if you go through my link you will get £5 off your first purchase. Full disclaimer: I’ve sent clothes into Thrift+ so have experienced the process but I don’t know yet how much they will list them for. I will update this when I can comment on that.